Psycho-Slimming. How to achieve your perfect weight in six weeks without dieting



How to achieve your perfect weight in six weeks, without dieting

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First published by Headline Book Publishing, Psycho-Slimming was an instant hit. The publishing rights were acquired by numerous overseas publishers and the book was translated into nine different languages and sold in eleven countries.

Here is what the publishers wrote in their promotional material:


There’s no need for any more diets that damage your health and don’t work anyway. You will achieve your perfect weight and shape in six weeks or less on the Psycho-Slimming program without suffering and the pain of dieting. You’ll look and feel better than ever before.

Psycho-Slimming is a safe, tried and tested program, developed by psychologist and slimming expert Bruce King. Combining autosuggestion, positive thinking and other diet free methods, it will enable you to achieve your perfect weight in 6 weeks, or less, and feel good forever.

Effortless, simple and easy to follow, Psycho-Slimming brings you the results you want – in six weeks or less.

About the Author

Bruce King earned his PhD in nutrition, and studied psychology and various other disciplines. He was one of the early pioneers in bringing alternative medicine, now known as complementary medicine,  to the attention of the general public in the UK.

He was one of the first people to open a multi-disciplinary natural therapy clinic in London in the early sixties and was the advisor on the Radio London Alternative Medicine Advice Line which was one of the most popular radio advice lines at the time. He has also written regularly for many national magazines on the subjects of slimming and alternative medicine.

His work over more recent years led him to research the power of the mind in helping people achieve results that they thought were not possible in many different fields of activity.

His application of these same principles to weight loss and weight control has resulted in what can only be described as the most revolutionary and successful approach ever to slimming.