About Us

 Hello and a very warm welcome

The name Marie-S is an abbreviated version of Marie-Scarves, which was originally a business selling just scarves and run by Stephanie’s grandmother and later by her mother, Marie.

Their sole outlet was a market stall in the world famous Petticoat Lane Market in Middlesex Street, London, which in those days was almost the only place in London open for shopping on a Sunday, so it was very busy indeed. 

Stephanie helped out on a Sunday from when she was in her early teens until 1994 when the market was no longer viable due to the relaxation of the Sunday Trading Laws and the inevitable huge competition from the high street shops and indoor shopping malls.

Bernice’s family business started trading in 1930 in the City of London. They were furriers and were especially well known for fur and fur trimmed products. They supplied the gentry of London and even the Royal Family.

Bernice joined the company in the 1970’s and was responsible for the design and promotion of their products. She later went on to form her own company under the name of COZI and teamed up with Stephanie.

We established our business in 1999, and  between the two of us, we have quite a pedigree, experience and history in the fashion business.

We planned to bring a beautiful and stylish range of scarves, wraps, jackets, coats and accessories direct to our customers at the most affordable prices. And that is what we have achieved.

We now source our fashion range from around the world and many of our items are designed by us and manufactured exclusively for us.

Much of what we sell is via this online store and if you also run a business, any kind of business, you'll know that the internet is a very crowded place indeed, and hard to get noticed. So, may we recommend The Rainmakers Club to you.

The Rainmakers Club is an online training portal that teaches small business owners just about everything you need to know about sales and marketing, online and offline, and at a very low cost indeed. We're grateful for the advice and we highly recommend this to you. Here's the link: www.therainmakers.club.

We also exhibit and sell at charity fairs, exhibitions and gift fairs throughout the country (see our Events Page), and can also arrange private showings for special occasions and events and of course you can shop here online.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our many events.

Warmest wishes 

Stephanie & Bernice


Any products we sell which may be manufactured from or trimmed with fur are made for us by members of the International Fur Federation (IFTF). The IFTF fully supports the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the body which regulates trade in threatened and endangered species. Since 1985 the IFTF has been a voting member of the World Conservation Union/IUCN, the largest conservation organisation that helps find pragmatic solutions to the world’s most pressing environment and development challenges. Wild or farmed, fur is a natural, renewable resource that is gentle on the planet.